I, the Applicant, hereby agree and declare that:

  1. I hereby apply for a loan to be made to me by CAPISENSE.
  2. I understand that CAPISENSE will decide in its sole and absolute discretion as to whether or not to grant the loan.
  3. I understand that CAPISENSE may cede, transfer or otherwise dispose of its rights under this Application Form and the Loan Agreement and all documents incorporated therein to any third party. By signing this Application Form, I give my general consent to CAPISENSE to cede, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of its rights under this Application Form and the Loan Agreement and all documents incorporated therein to any third party.
  4. By signing this Application Form, I agree that any person interested in the Loan Agreement or any part thereof, now or in the future, may rely upon the truth, correctness and accuracy of the information contained in this Application Form and any other supporting documentation or information provided by me.
  5. I have been advised by CAPISENSE that it collects and uses the personal information that I give it in the Application Form to assess my eligibility for and understanding of the CAPISENSE loan process.
  6. I acknowledge and agree that the information provided to CAPISENSE in this Application Form and the supporting documentation may, subject to any law to the contrary, be used by:
    • other companies associated with CAPISENSE who collectively facilitate the loans;
    • an insurer or a re-insurer required to facilitate the loans;
    • any registered credit bureau in order for it to be notified of my application for (and subsequent servicing of) the loan;
    • any Credit bureau, which will give CAPISENSE an opinion regarding my credit worthiness as a result of its knowledge of my history and servicing of other credit agreements; and
    • any person who may have a lawful entitlement to the information.
  7. I understand and agree that no loan will be given to me by CAPISENSE unless I sign an appropriate, required Debit Order Authorization to deduct payment from my bank account.
  8. I confirm that I am able to meet the obligations that will be imposed upon me by the Loan Agreement and that entering into the Loan Agreement will not cause me to be over indebted.
  9. I hereby give my consent to CAPISENSE and/or its lawful agents to obtain from and inspect and/or submit to any registered Credit bureau any consumer credit information pertaining to me or my spouse as agreed to in the Loan Agreement and subject at all times to prevailing Law.

I hereby declare that all and any information provided in this Application Form is accurate, truthful and correct in all respects and is not misleading in any way. By signing this Application Form, electronically or otherwise, I understand that I will be applying for a loan based on the declarations and terms set out in this Application Form, which CAPISENSE will rely on. I agree that, should this Application be approved, I will abide by all the declarations and terms contained in this Application Form.

If I am married in community of property, I hereby warrant that I have obtained the written consent from my spouse/partner to conclude this credit agreement.

By agreeing electronically to the application form and its conditions, I agree that I will be deemed to have affixed my signature to this Application Form and I agree to be legally bound thereby.